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E.B.E. 2022

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The EASTERN BUS ENTHUSIASTS Collection Please click on the registration plates for more details on each vehicle! All Vehicles in the group are owned individually and are represented by E.B.E. Group identity. If you would like to invite us to enter a vehicle at your event, please get in touch. PEF21 BEF28C UTG312G LEF60H SHY707M HTA844N AUD460R RSD978R AFH186T VEX298X BMR202V GGF696X VAV160X BKE861T GVS948Y E207GCG B31PAJ F105XCW L102LRA G661WMD H303CAV L212YCU FEV115Y P2OTL AE51VFX BAR103X ABW82X F509NJE S5OCT