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LRV 992 - Devon General No.2

Metro-Cammell-bodied Leyland Titan PD2/12 LRV992 was built for Portsmouth Corporation as a conventional double-deck bus in April 1956 but, after it had been displaced by more modern vehicles in 1971, it's roof was removed and it operated sea front services in Southsea right into the Plymouth Citybus era and was later with Southdown but transferred to Blue Admiral on divestment in 1992.

At Blue Admiral 992 continued to operate its seafront service in Sourthsea and on sell out to FirstBus, 992 found its way into the hands of Thames Transit operating a service between Blenheim, Woodstock & Oxford.

In 1997 Thames Transit was sold to Stagecoach who painted it in their corporate “stripes” livery of the time and operated on its 200 route in Torquay. In 1999 Stagecoach repainted the bus into Devon General cream with red relief but with Stagecoach fleetnames and logos before, in 2002, painting the bus in all over gold livery for the Queen’s golden jubilee celebrations.
2005 with the jubilee being a few years ago now, she was repainted into Portsmouth Corporation white with red lining and operated at special events and services. The last livery 992 was to carry with Stagecoach would come in 2014 when painted back into Devon General cream and red again this time with DEVON GENERAL fleet names applied. Towards the end of her career with Stagecoach 992 was employed on the 200 service in the summer in Torbay as well as other special services in the area before finally being sold in December 2022 by the new DWS Infrastructure owned Stagecoach following the group’s sale earlier that year.

LRV992 was acquired by Nathan & Xav of Viscount Travel Ltd. In North Yorkshire for ongoing preservation and operation.


Leyland Titan PD2


Operational - Restored




Metro-Cammell (Open-Top)




Ld PD2/12 551157



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Portsmouth Corporation

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