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VAV 160X - Whippet Coaches No,160

VAV160X is a Plaxton Supreme 6 bodied Volvo B10M.

Four of these were ordered new for Whippet Coaches for their London service and other work. Out of the four this one has had a rather chequered history, operating initially for Whippet before winding its way westwards to Wales via Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

It ended its public service in 2015 and several years of school runs in the wet valleys of Wales took its toll on the body and chassis.

Since we rescued it from UK Bus Dismantlers of Bromyard in December 2015 it’s undergone extensive chassis repairs and a complete boot-section rebuild, having several thousand pounds spent on making it roadworthy again.

Aside from the chassis repairs and other work behind the scenes VAV160X is largely in as-withdrawn condition.

In April 2022, VAV was collected from refurbishment where it had been subject to panel removal, new frame sections welded in where required, replacement of panels where necessary and a total re-paint into original Whippet Coaches livery as supplied new.


Volvo B10M MkI


Operational - Restored




Plaxton Supreme VI




Vo B10M-56 2936


Alex Cavanagh

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