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RSD 978R - Morley’s of Whittlesey No,978

RSD978R Was new to Western Scottish as fleet number 2675 for their express bus services and fitted with high back dual purpose seating with a capacity of 49.

The Scottish Seddon Pennine 7s were fitted with Gardner engines and a ZF 4-Speed manual gearbox and were reported as being able to achieve an astonishing 23mpg!

It was later fitted with standard bus seats with a capacity of 53 and sold to Morley’s of Whittlesey in 1987 where it  was used on the 701 service and school work and lasted right up until 2005 when the company ceased trading, however it was withdrawn at the end of 2004 upon expiry of it’s MoT to preserve it’s condition.  They were the last of their type in regular service in the UK.

Sold to Nick Larkin acting as dealer to ensure its preservation and was sold to Mark Judd.


Seddon Pennine 7


Stored - Awaiting Restoration




Alexander Y-Type




Sn Pe 7 60855


Mark Judd

New to:

Western Scottish

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