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BEF 28C - Hartlepool Transport No,28

BEF28C was new in June 1965 to Hartlepool Transport as fleet number 28.

28 is a Roe bodied Leyland Titan PD2 and carried the company’s traditional livery of Red & Cream initially with fleetname in a roundel crest on the sides. 28 was one of a pair delivered in 1965 but looks older by virtue of its exposed radiator, a feature that had become increasingly uncommon by that time.

Hartlepool's sole concession to modern trends (as far as double-deckers were concerned) was to fit platform doors to some of its PD2s - no doubt greatly appreciated on the exposed coastal road to Seaton Carew. These were the company's last double-deckers, with the fleet progressively becoming all single-deck.

28 was officially withdrawn in February 1982 but was retained until sold in February 1987 to North-East Bus Breakers, who passed it onto dealer Lonsdale Coaches the same month being sold and becoming Eastern Scottish Training Bus No.TB5 in March.

Whilst with Eastern Scottish, 28 retained Hartlepool livery throughout its stay albeit with Eastern Scottish fleet names). Nick Larkin employed every tactic to make sure this bus did not end up scrapped. Nick “groomed” Eastern Scottish with regular letters, eventually achieving an agreement to meet. In 1991, as a result and the bus having been driven around Edinburgh for inspection, £1,500 changed hands.

A liaison took place at the Optare factory in Crossgates, Leeds which was the former Charles H. Roe factory where 28 was bodied, the bus having been driven down from Edinburgh by Eastern Scottish staff who were due to collect new vehicles for delivery north.

Now owned by Nick, 28 became the subject of a sponsorship with classic car magazine “Popular Classics” and was taken to several events, not least a Delaine running day, Viscount 70 in Peterborough, The Bromley pageant of motoring, Showbus & a charity trip to Hunstanton. 28 would come the end of 1992, spend the next 28 years stored in a shed at Fowler’s Travel near Spalding, Lincs.

In February 2020, It was bought out of long term storage and has had much work undertaken. It is imminently due to return to the road!

Leyland Titan PD2


Stored - Under Restoration








Ld PD2/40 L40532


Nick Larkin

New to:

West Hartlepool

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