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ANA10Y was new to Greater Manchester PTE on 5th July1983.

We at Eastern Bus Enthusiasts decided to purchase this vehicle for it’s DELAINE Buses connection.

DELAINE Buses of Bourne, Lincolnshire purchased ANA10Y in March 2001 and given fleet number 134.
It was refurbished by Delaine partially into their specification as these were only meant for schools and standby for the service fleet.
The exterior was a straightforward replacement of damaged panels and a re-spray, the destination blind was replaced with a one-piece Delaine roller blind as removed from the ex-GM Atlanteans which were being withdrawn, as well as fitting the fleet standard external mirrors.

The interior consisted of replacing the seats with house style red frames, cushions and squabs trimmed in tartan moquette with red vinyl, again as removed from the ex-GM Atlanteans. The grey treadmaster floor was retained as was the black veneer wall panels. The Cab door, and cash tray was also replaced with those from the ex-GM Atlanteans.

It was withdrawn April 2007 due to mechanical difficulties and had been used as a source of spares to keep the other three going over recent times (ANA 7, 8 & 9Y). There was then a potential preservation bid for ANA 10Y from an individual in Hull which fell through.  However, in anticipation of this a number of parts were put back on it.
SELNEC Preservation decided to purchase 9Y for preservation and 10Y as spare parts.
Kevin Delaine-Smith at Delaine organised for some parts to be taken from 7Y when it came out of service on and had them fitted to ANA 10Y, such as the battery cradle, inspection panels, missing sub-frame, etc., and they themselves have put the registration ANA 7Y on retention at the DVLA, with the rest of the bus being sold as scrap to the new owner of 8Y as a source of spares.

Being un-loved in a storage yard for a decade it was finally decided by SELNEC to thin out the collection and sell anything that was not required.
It was at this point that EBE decided to purchase ANA10Y, however the registration was not included in the sale of the bus but was only available for a rather substantial extra cost.
Given this situation it was suggested by Delaine that we purchased the bus and utilised the registration of sister vehicle ANA7Y so as the vehicle did not completely loose its identity and could also be presented as the sister vehicle which was virtually identical in every way.
The vehicle was successfully delivered to its new home on March 4th 2018

Ld ONTL11/1R ON606
Merryweather, Holdsworth, Gibson, Longmire & Keeling
Stored - Awaiting Restoration